“Travel with a mission”

The Bread (for Social Change) Cultural Route, abbreviated as the “Bread Route”, is a concept created by the Bread Houses Network in 2013 and currently evolving with planned extension in the coming years. The Bread Route includes three different geographic and thematic routes, all ultimately united into one:

  1. Bread Route in Bulgaria (currently operating)
  2. European Bread Route 
  3. Global Bread Route across continents (to be developed beyond 2019 )

The Bread Routes “Travel with a mission” are not a tourist attraction but a destination of experiences. They are being developed by Dr. Nadezhda Savova–Grigorova, cultural anthropologist awarded as “Traveler with a Mission of the Year 2012” by the global National Geographic for having traveled 76 countries exploring their bread traditions and helping communities through her unique “Bread Therapy” art therapy methods. The Bread Cultural Route integrates the categories of cultural, social and green alternative tourism, offering locals and tourists interactive and deeply touching and transformative activities that leave them with lasting emotional memory from their travel with a mission.

The activities along the Route are developed and offered by various local organizations and institutions, from Bread Houses part of the Bread Houses Network to Bread Museums, bakeries, community and cultural centers, and various NGOs, where the social inclusion could be achieved together with the opportunity to include all the therapeutic/healing, social, anthropological, training, and performative sides of the breadmaking processes and local bread traditions.