European Bread Route

The European Bread Route has been planned and approved to be further developed within the European Capitals of Culture programs of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) & Matera (Italy) in 2019.

The Bread Route connects the countries between Bulgaria and Italy (and in the long run, the Route is planned to connect all of Europe, as well as points on all other continents in a global cultural-social route). In Bulgaria and Plovdiv, the local coordinating organization and host of activities will be the Plovdiv Bread House located in the Plovdiv Old Town. The other host of events will be the first Bread House in the world in the city of Gabrovo, which is planned within this project to become the Museum of Bread for Social Change. This historic house inspired many other places and organizations around the world, now more than 20 countries on 6 continents, to develop such community cultural projects around traditional breadmaking.

The Route aims to inspire and unite various local organizations to create and offer in 2019 but also in the long run afterwards original, local bread-related activities, which could also attract cultural and social tourism (ex: culinary history mixed with modern art forms), which could also foster social engagement with people in need in the community.

In 2019 this cooperation will culminate with a big joint event, the Bread Way Festival in Matera and Plovdiv, which will bring together artists, bakers, museums, cultural centers, and various social and other organizations to present their innovative cultural projects, mixing old bread traditions and various modern art forms (music, dance, theater, literature, architecture, multimedia arts, etc.). These innovative cultural performances will also be related to long-term community cultural and social projects in each one of the cities in the Bread Route, so as to secure that the local communities are fully and regularly engaged in cultural co-creative activities around the innovative mixture of traditional bread-making and modern arts.

Most recently our Route was joined by the Wheat and Bread House in Echallens, Switzerland – а unique place where one can discover the story of  grain production in the Gros-de-Vaud region, sometimes called the “breadbasket of Switzerland” due to its prolific grain fields.

NOTE: We will be posting the list of points (locations) along the European Bread Route soon, when the cooperation activities are decided.

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